Olga Oscillator Tuning Sometimes Moves Itself After Clicking Off the Right-Click Field

When right-clicking an oscillator tuner on Olga, the value is displayed. A new value can be typed, followed by hitting enter, and it’ll set to that value.

But if I right-click it, and then click off, the value sometimes automatically changes. This is on the VST version, I’m not sure if it happens on VST3. I uninstalled the VST3 version because it did not detect pitch wheel input on my system, so switching versions is not a solution in my case.

My habit is to adjust the pot by ear and then check the value to which I’ve set it. That’s why I’ve run into this a number of times even if I can imagine not every user does.

Re-typing the value instead of clicking off is a workaround, but it remains a workaround. Ditto with simply typing instead of adjusting pots in the first place, or using the nifty native REAPER UI button.

Remember – I only complain this much about this synth because I use it so much! Lol.