programming patches for Olga / PWM for OSC 2

Hello schwa,

today i started programming some patches using the test version you provided to me. So far i see no new problems. :mrgreen:
Only a suggestion. I made a patch using PWM and realized this only works in the first oscillator. On the second OSC only fine tune modulation is possible. Could it be possible in a future release to include something like a pwm/fine tune switch at OSC 2 ?

Note: When i programmed a certain amount of patches i will upload them, maybe at the weekend. Some of the patches will be favourites from other synths like e.g. Tassman 4. The Unison8 voice mode of Olga gives some nice trance-like leads !! :smiley:

Here’s the reasoning behind that, see if you agree with it: wherever possible we tried to enable the widest possible range of sounds with the minimum controls. While I would entirely agree that dual detuned oscillators with independent PWM is a fantastically lush proposition, its not an enormous advance on single osc PWM against a fixed shape detuned oscillator, but would require numerous switching options on both the LFOs and oscillators. Add in Olga’s glorious chorus and I would suggest there’s no shortage of lushness, but of course its a judgement call …its certainly up for discussion, but I would say I’m not convinced it would warrant the extra complexity from those extra controls. Try running two Olgas in parallel, each just using OSC1, fully PWM’d; fun? Oh yes! Necessary? I’d argue not.

Looking forward to your patches!

OK, i think i understand your intentions. For me the one PWM is also enough but a second would have been nice. :smiley: