Just bought Olga...

Best $80 I ever spent (today at least).

But there’s another $80 where that came from. When are you guys going to put out another synth? Surely you’ve got some good ideas for another unique instrument.

& while we’re at it, where can I find a manual for Olga?

FYI, I found the Ola manual on my PC, in the start menu under Schwa. I’m sure it’s in a place that makes just as much sense on the Mac.

Still hadn’t figured out the presets though. On the Mac, they were accessible just like any other plug in when I used Olga in Logic Pro. I couldn’t find them in Ableton or Maschine. I’ll keep looking.

In Live and Maschine, what format plugin are you using? If it’s VST3 on PC, there was a build error that didn’t let a previous fix get applied - it only got applied to Mac. It’ll be in the next build.

Choosing presets wouldn’t be in the product manual anyway…we advertise those presets to the host software and it’s up to the host as to how you select them.

VST3 presets on PC should be in next build, VST2 should be there already.

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