Problem with Pro Tools

I’m using Spectro in Pro Tools with the VST wrapper v 2.1. It’s a godsend and lifesaver for my current project where a smoke alarm was beeping intermittently in a home studio (low batteries, dang it). The problem I’m having is that Spectro doesn’t save any analysis or filters when I close and reopen a session, I have to start from scratch each time. It basically means I have to the Spectro repair as a last step and redo it again if I ever need to remix and rebounce.

Is there anything I can do about this or is it a wrapped-VST compatibility issue? If it were unsolvable that would be unfortunate, I really want to purchase this plugin.

Regardless of the outcome for this plugin, I will be purchasing several of the other Stillwell products. The 1973 and Major Tom are amazing for vocals and I love the Rocket Comp and Transient Monster for kicks. Not the mention Event Horizon is the best software limiter I’ve heard yet.

Hi … I’m sorry to say I think that must be a wrapper issue, because the VST definitely restores its state when you reopen a project.