Olga what makes it different?

I am wondering…

What makes Olga different from the rest of the pack?
I have gmedia’s Minimonsta, imposcar and Oddity.
Not in terms of features but in terms of it’s own sonic character.

Note to the developer: I LOVE your plugins! even if I choose not to buy olga (which is unlikely) I still plan on buying PLENTY of other plugs!


Two (ok and a half) things:

  1. It is not designed to get nice sounds at all costs. You can introduce nasty overdrive on several places and other ways to fatten the sound so it can have incredibly energetic sounds. It can reach in all sorts of “analog” sounding areas but it actually has its own, non-generic character. Despite its simple architecture, it doesn’t give you many “oh noes, not yet another Jump! patch” moments. One little tweak and that harmless moog-ish solo sound rips your speakers apart. In short, it has its own flavor and a coherent concept, it’s not just “yet another VA synth”. Again despite its simplicity, it’s one of the least boring VA synths I know.

  2. Whether the labels are in english, japanese or russian wouldn’t have made much difference for me when I could lay may hands on a synth ages ago. There were just many knobs and a little guy wanting to create lots of crazy sounds. These days are long gone but putting me back in that position and forcing me a little to explore the synth is a nice idea of presenting such a thing and explaining what’s it all about. It’s not hard to understand how it works and it’s simple enough to let me dial in sounds quite fast rather than browsing presets until I forgot what I wanted anyway. It rewards knob twiddling a lot because there is more surprising reaction possible than in your average vintage synth knock-off.

OLGA definitely has a character of its own. Your Gmedia plugins are all great and excellent, but OLGA is a completely different beast. And a beast in its own right. You have to have it! You will say thank you later on :wink:

she is a cigarette smoking whisky drinking kinda gal (as mentioned somewhere else round here)

I dunno, first time I saw the page with olga and then downloaded I have been addicted. Tried many others and still somehow olga dominates my tracks pushing (sometimes not too gently) the others off track

and I think a lot of this has to do with the lack of English ADSR, LFO settings etc. Sure after a while you know what is what anyhow, but as the blurb said, gets you to play with buttons and knobs to see what they do not just what the label says they do