Olga licence problem (from PC to Mac)

Hello everyone,

I bought a licence for Olga last year (02/26/08, Swreg Order Number: U26695122) for PC.

I recently switched on Mac and my problem is that the licence is not recognized anymore. I put the ****.key in the right folder (where the VST or AU version sits) but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Am I doing anything wrong ? Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

Make sure that the file name has not changed at all…it MUST be


exactly, with no change.

Also, on the Mac there are two different sets of folders where your plugins can sit…they can be in the Library/Audio/Plug-ins/(Component|VST) folder within your home folder (which only works if you’re logged in as you), or they can be in the same relative place at the root of the hard drive (works for all users, but requires a user with Administrative privileges to put them there). Make sure that you only have the plugins in one place or the other…or at least make sure the key file is in both places. You won’t be able to tell which copy of the plugin gets loaded.

Hope that helps. The keys should work the same on either PC or Mac.


Hi Scott,

Thanx for the reply.

Well, I checked and everything seemed OK. Olga.component was in Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components with the 47225-OLGA.key file in it (which I downloaded from the email I have received when I purchased the plug so it was unmodified). It should have worked… except that I have noticed the keycode/serial number in the email is not the same than in the .key file.

Indeed the .key file lacks a letter in my name : “é” (french name). So I added it and saved the modified .key file in the Components folder where
the AU version of Olga sits. It doesn’t work on Mac but the same process does work on PC (in Live 8 Olga is registered with the same modified .key file).

I have tried with VST version on Mac also with no success…

Thus the problem is the .key file on Mac.

What can I do next ?

Thank you.

Special characters always break the keyfile unfortunately. Please email me your keyfile at schwa at stillwellaudio dot com and I will mail a working one back to you.