Sorry but registration issue for Olga: Mac/Logic8

Hi there, sorry to bother with still this reg issue, but I have downloaded the evaluation version of Olga (Mac AU), and then purchased the license, got the mail with the key file, downloaded it, put it in the component folder at the same place as the Olga component one, and still get the UNregistred status…I am lost, can you help, thanks, Steve

Sorry for the trouble!

First, make sure you don’t have two copies of Olga, one in /Library/… and one in /Library/…

If you’re still having problems, please send me the email you received from SWREG and I’ll make sure the keyfile is good (we very occasionally see problems, but it does happen).

Yes I have checked that it is not in both place; I have noticed that the “.key” extension is used by OS X as a Keynote (a Mac software) file extension, and as soon as the file was on the desktop, it takes the keynote icon ! And it is recognized as a keynote file when I open the information panel of the file ! Could be the origin of the problem ?

No, the machine thinking it’s a keynote file doesn’t matter, it should still work properly.

Please email the keyfile to me at schwa at stillwellaudio dot com.