RegCode problem with OLGA

i just received my regcode for OLGA (order ref. ID U26684453), followed the instructions found on this forum (ie placed the keyfile in the same folder as the .dll), but the plugin still shows up as unregistered in Reaper.
Any chance this could be solved? Please help!

Can it be due to the fact my VST folder is shared with other audio applications (my license is Reaper only)? Should I create a different folder for OLGA or…?


You should have received more than one copy of the key…please use the most recent key. There was a problem in the keygen program that we didn’t identify until late last night. Everyone that was affected had keys re-sent to them.

Other than that, no, there should be no problem with a shared VST directory…Olga simply won’t show as registered in any host other than REAPER (assuming a REAPER-only license).

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks Scott!
All’s fine now. Just for the record: the last letter I received contained not one, but two keyfiles with the same name ( I decided that the second one should be the latest – it worked!:))
The synth is amazing – and if you ever need some assistance with Russian, don’t hesitate to ask, that’s my native language;)