Olga and Reaper License

Hi guys, big WOO HOO! Got Reaper and Olga for my birthday a couple of days ago. Finally legit.

But I have one little problem. Where the hell do I enter Olga’s license key? Or how do I enter it?

Nice one!

You don’t enter it anywhere, you just copy the file itself into your VST folder. …and that’s it. Enjoy :slight_smile:

thanks white tie

Gad do I feel stupid :blush: tried to see if it was a reg key, then clicked all over Olga to see if there was an input field. Suppose this is a problem when someone else does the purchase and probably didn’t send the instructions on

now I feel even more stupid. loaded olga in toybear and waveosaur and got the splash screen ie not registered. Only to remember that I got the reaper only version. I can feel myself going blonder by the moment