Not recognizing license

Nice to see all of the awesome updates, I am hoping Psychodither is next…Anyway, I have my key file with the dll, as all the others are, but it is now showing as unregistered. I know that it is still fully functional, but anytime a small isse with something crops up, it often is a sign of deeper and darker issues… Any ideas? I am on Windows 8.1 64bit.

Have you checked to make sure that the license file is named correctly? Are you sure that you have an “All hosts, commercial use” license if you’re not using REAPER?

I can’t say we’ve tried to use the current version of Psycho Dither in Windows 8.1, but I don’t know of any specific reason why it would work but not show as registered…that would be a truly odd way to break because of an OS upgrade.

Yes, we are working on it - and making progress.