psychodither and dyno keys not working


I recently bought myself dyno and psychodither but my keys are not working at all. So both of them are actually running in demo mode.
I would also like to buy some other plugins but because I am not getting any answer to my email I am holding to my money. I just want to get these working. Could you please help me out?

I sent this to schwa, but evidently he didn’t see the email. I’ll look into it and see what the problem is.


New keys reissued…they should be in your mailbox already.

If you do decide to buy more plugins, use the ASCII English spelling of your name (which isn’t correct, I know, and I’m sorry) on future orders, with ‘ae’ in place of the ‘ä’. That will prevent you from getting an invalid key file.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


I got now keys in my email and It’s all working now. I also bought Event horizon because I think it actually sounds better in clipping mode than Elephant 3 (electronic drumbuss). Great products for great price. Is Event Horizon named after the scifi movie? :smiley:

Well, more like what the movie was named for…the event horizon of a black hole. Past that threshold, NOTHING goes (or rather, nothing comes back…), so I kind of thought it fit a brickwall limiter/clipper. NOTHING goes past the threshold in limit mode, and if you’re in clip mode, NOTHING comes back…it goes over the threshold and disappears. :slight_smile: