Crashes 64bit Reaper

I can’t use the 32bit Psychodither in Reaper 64bit. It doesn’t show up in the FX browser. And if I have it in a batch process FX chain in 32bit, and open that in 64bit, Reaper crashes. Reaper has awesome FX bridging and have always been able to use any 32bit plugin in Reaper 64bit, so what’s up with it? Not a deal-breaker, by any means, I am just wondering what is so different about Psychodither that it won’t run at all in 64bit. I love all of your plugins, by the way! I would love to see this one in 64bit so I could be done working in 32bit… Thanks.


Thanks, I’ll point it out to schwa for him to look at.


Thanks Scott. I guess in the long run, I can do my dithering in Reaper 32bit and everything else in 64. It’s just odd that it doesn’t bridge for me. Also a little inconvenience if I forget to unload it and it crashes a project in 64bit. But for what I get with Reaper and all of the Stillwell/Schwa plugins that I buy, I am still fortunate if that’s the worst of my worries! I just think that Scwa will want to fix it if possible, just because. :smiley: