Reaper Reamote and psychodither

I haven’t been able to run the dither over a reamote connection. Keeps on saying its not installed or something on the reamote computer. Have you tried it, does it work for you?


That is what I get on the main machine, the slave reaper program crashes.

Schwa is away on vacation, I think, but should be back late this week. He’s been checking in periodically, so if I hear from him, I’ll remind him to pop in here to discuss.


I never use Reamote so I can’t be too much help. Reamote does require the plugin to be resident on both machines though, right? And it is in this case?

Yup it is on both machines. I had one other reamote issue and that was with reaverb, I didn’t have my impulses in the same folder as my main machine, but once I changed that I was good to go. All plugs work including Scott’s EQ. Well I shouldn’t say all, because I have 200+ VSTs and haven’t gotten around to trying even a seventh of them with reamotes going…

OBTW, reamote machine is a lap top running vista…would that matter?

Hmmm, I have a third puter here, and it is running XP home (main puter is running XP pro), let me try this on my other reamote…

No go on the other reamote…