Bitter not showing in Reaper, not working in FL studio


I have installed Bitter. It is in VST folder, and when Reaper is scanning for plugins, the DLL name is shown for short time, so I know it is in the right place. But then, the plugin is nowhere in the list of plugins.
FL studio does show the plugin, but it doesn’t load when selected (like I didn’t click to add it).

The same problem is on two different computers, which have WinXP, one has AMD Athlon, but the other Intel Celeron processor (I know, it is an old computer, but it still works). I suppose the plugin is independent of the hardware, but both computers have SB Live sound card.
I use Reaper 2.51 and FL studio 6.

I fact, I have problems with some other plugins also. Oligarc evaluation, for example. And plugins from other companies. If I use one VST to DX wrapper, it says “cannot load library”.
I have searched by Google for solutions, but without a success. I don’t know what can be wrong, as plugins are in the proper folder, which is recognized by Reaper and FL.

Do you have an AMD Athlon processor, or a Pentium III? A lot of schwa’s plugins are compiled for SSE2 optimization, which means it won’t run on anything prior to a P4 or Athlon 64 processor.

There are alternate download links on the product pages for a non-SSE2 build that should work, if that’s the case.


At home, I have Intel Celeron 1400MHz processor. At job, I have Athlon XP 3200+.
I’m now aware about the SSE2. But Bitter doesn’t have (or I cannot find) a non-SSE2 version.