Bug report

Thanks for this plug-in, an interesting idea.

I think, I’ve found a bug: Setting PsychoPower to 4 increases level of dithering considerably.

My setup:
P4 2,4GHz


Thanks for the post!

It’s counterintuitive, but noise shaping (psycho power) does in fact add noise energy to the output … that’s the cost of filtering the truncation noise to the psychoacoustically “dead” parts of the spectrum.

For finding the appropriate balance of dither strength and psycho power, it’s educational to set up a couple of sends so that you can null the undithered output (pre-psycho-dither) against the phase-reversed post-psycho-dither output, and cranking the volume. You should see that as psycho power increases, the meter shows the noise level increasing, but you hear it less … psychoacoustics at work.

Thanks for your reply!

I understand that. Now, if you follow your own test ,you will notice a huge jump in a dither’s level as soon as you set PsycoPower = 4. You can clearly see it on the plug-in’s graph, as well. Not 3, neither 5… but 4. Is it normal?

BTW this plug-in has one nice feature - turning dither off when there is no in coming signal (except when PsycoPower = 4). But on some reason it works with Red type only. Why?