Sculpto doesn't load in REAPER x64

Tried to load my paid REAPER version of Sculpto in REAPER x64, but it’s apparently discarded during the VST scan since it doesn’t show up in the VST list. Fix coming soon? All the other Stillwell and Schwa plugins load fine.



Bump again…

I’ll bring this to schwa’s attention…sorry for the delay.


Hi, I assume you are trying to load the Reaper-only 32-bit Sculpto into 64-bit Reaper via Reaper’s x86 bridging. This unfortunately isn’t supported.

A year or so ago we changed the way our licenses work, previously for the discounted Reaper licenses we offered Reaper-only versions of the plugins that simply won’t load in other hosts (or via bridge, as you have discovered). For the plugins we’ve released in the past year or so, we have instead offered one version of the plugin that will load in any host, with a discounted Reaper-only license that is only recognized in Reaper. Sculpto hasn’t yet been updated to this new system.

I’m sure this is more technical information than you care about, but the short version is that until Sculpto is updated, the Reaper-only version won’t work via bridge. In the meantime, it should work to run the evaluation version of the all-hosts Sculpto via the bridge, please feel free to do that if it’s convenient.

Thanks Scott for running interference and thanks Schwa for the elaborate explanation. I like to be in the know why things happen or don’t happen and you left nothing out. :wink:

I’m indeed running Sculpto bridged in REAPER x64 and I will, for now, download the all-hosts version and use that one. That way I’ll have this great little VST at my disposal again and, as a result of your answer, it will not give me the feeling of doing something wrong.

Keep up the good work, both of you!