CMX 64bit

I love this plugin, by the way. I own almost all of yours and Stillwells plugins, they are the best! My question is in regards to the 64bit version. With all of my plugins that have both 32bit and 64bit versions I rename the 64bit one to be the same as the 32bit, so when reaper scans them, the appropriate one is used. So if I move from Reaper 32bit to 64bit, or vice-versa, it loads the right one with the settings that were on it. Well, CMX won’t let me rename it! When I change it to CMX.dll, it no longer shows up at all in Reaper, even after a rescan. All of my other vst’s work fine this way. Any idea why? Thanks!

Duh. It was because I had the evaluation copy installed in a different location as well as the new one with the license file. All is grand now!



Oh, what a goof I am. Yeah, everything with your awesome plugins work awesomely. Thanks!