CMX sounds great ! but ...

I was looking for a doubler effect and found CMX, I installed the demo but CMX introduces a very long delay (over 50 milliseconds) in my system (digital performer 7.24 OSX 10.7.3) I hope you guys fix this cuz’ this plug in sounds great but with that much latency it can’t be used for now :confused:

CMX isn’t intended for live or “monitor through” use. It does cause 4096 samples of latency and correctly reports that to the host (which SHOULD compensate for it in normal mixing use). There is no “fix” here…it’s working as designed.

Schwa may have more input, obviously, but just trying to say that it’s not broken.



I tried it in mixdown not live recording, It should have been compensated by DP (i have latency compensation turned on and working fine with my other plug ins) but for some reason the latency is there with CMX, it’s not being compensated by my host, just wanted to let you guys know … once this is resolved I’m buying it cuz I loved how it sounds, it’s exactly what I’m looking for soundwise …

Hmm…DP should be compensating. I’ll bring it to schwa’s attention.


No fix yet ? :nerd:

Hi Marius. I’m sorry for the trouble, but I can’t see what the cause of the problem is. The plugin is properly reporting kAudioUnitProperty_Latency, and Logic compensates properly as far as I can tell.

No worries Scwha, the problem is happening in Digital Performer 7.24, plug in delay compensation is set to on … don’t know if I should try reinstalling or delete something … any ideas ?

Possibly ask MOTU and see if they have any ideas as to why this plugin would trigger that behavior?


This version of DP has quite a few bugs, I’m going to try it in 5.13 which was super stable in my other computer and report back :bulb:

I don’t seem to be able to see any of my Schwa or Stillwell plug ins. I am using Windows 8.1 x64 with Cubase 5.5.3 , all my other plugins are fine accept all that I mentioned. Any Ideas or suggestions? Especially when it comes to CMX its my got to plugin!!!