How maintained are these plugins?

interest in CMX.
Sounds good, interface isn’t retina/hidpi however. And it doesn’t look like its gonna be any time soon.
Updates seem rare and in between. I guess it’s fine since the trial worked on my Catalina installation, but still…

There is still work ongoing and a new release is currently in closed beta. HiDPI/Retina support is being worked on. Heck, even new plugins are being worked on, although getting updated versions released is a priority over new work. We’re slow, but we’ll get there. :slight_smile:


That’s pretty reassuring actually.
And out of all doublers in the same vein (constant delay/shift) i tried, CMX seems to have the least artefacts despite the fact that its probably the oldest :slight_smile:
Trying to avoid microshift/iLok.

Hi Scott,
I just discovered stillwell plugins yesterday and I was wondering the same as, so far, there are a couple I’m trying out.

Also +1 for HiDPI support (Windows user here :sweat_smile:)

Do you have a twitter account? If so I’d be happy to follow you there and even just 2-3 updates (tweets) a year would be great!


Sure thing…

As said above, we’re still maintaining the plugins, although we don’t release frequently. We’re hoping to return to developing new plugins as soon as we can.

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