registration and recall status when re-opening reaper

Hello Schwa,

I’ve already registered a couple of your innovative tools and I am very happy with them.
Thank you!
Right now I try to smoothe the attack on a couple of tracks with Dyno.
Unfortunately, everytime I re(a)-open the reaper-project, my settings in Dyno are lost.
(Okay, I was too lazy to save them as fxp since I appreciate that reaper saves everything globally…)

Hey, so there is a “demo restriction” after all :wink: . And I would gladly register at once,
but there seems to be something wrong with the link or something!

So please, check that registration link again and let me pay you! :smiley:


Hi! Thanks for registering, or trying to.

There’s a technical problem with SWREG who handles the registration billing. I’ll post again when this gets sorted out, which I hope will be tonight.

The state restore problem in Dyno is my fault, though. I’ll fix this now.

… OK, the Dyno state restore problem should be fixed now.

The license catalog entry problem is fixed in their system but it may take until tomorrow for the change to propagate everywhere it needs to be.

Thanks for pointing this out!

Thanks Schwa!

The Registration worked and I’ve received my key-file.
But it doesn’t work :open_mouth:

I installed the new Dyno-Version and placed the key neatly beside it.
It’s in good company with Schope etc. which all work.

AH, what’s going on?
What am I supposed to do now?
Shall I PM you my key-file? Would you like to see it?

By now I’ve re-started Reaper with and without having the key present, cleaning vst-cache etc.
re-installing Dyno… It is probably a corrupt key…

Please help me! Thank you.

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience! I think the proper private key mapping hasn’t propagated to where it needs to be in SWREG yet, so it gave you a useless key file. This should be working by tomorrow.

If you pm me the name and email you used with SWREG, I can send you a working key directly.

SWREG’s key file has been updated … Dyno licenses will now work. Again, sorry for any trouble.