A lot of hair pulling to get this to work Schope

I gotta tell ya I’d like to say I love your plugin, but I just can’t get it to register. I’m running XP Nuendo 4, it keeps saying unregistered. Plus, did I miss something as to where the instructions were to register? I spent almost 30 minutes looking for the word Register on you site. I know I’m a drummer but…what gives here? seriously I’m a little peed at this point.
I copied it to my Steinberg/VST Plugins folder, same place as your Schope .dll. Restarted Nuendo…no go.

Please advise

Did you read the thread on the forums here in Frequently Asked Questions about “I paid for the plugins, how do I make them registered?”

When you purchase a plugin from us, you get an emailed receipt from SWREG. Attached to that email is a file whose name ends in .key. Save that file to your hard disk. Put the file in the SAME directory as the plugin. Done.


Yes I did read it, as I’ve said It took me awhile to find it. I’m just used to going to a site and seeing a “register here” or a “how to register” link. Guess I missed that on your site. Anyway regardless I copied the license that you had emailed me into my VST folder which is where the Schope .dll is located. Again I guess I’m missing a step because even after rebooting it still says Evaluation Copy and flashes Unregistered.

Please advise

THanks Scott

Sorry for the frustration, I agree we should put a “what to do with your registration key” link somewhere more prominent.

In any case, there are really only 4 things that can ever go wrong with the registration:

  • The keyfile isn’t in the right folder, sometimes we’ve seen people accidentally install 2 copies of a plugin in different folders and put the keyfile in only one of the folders. You can do a disk search for the dll to check this.

  • It’s the wrong keyfile, either for the wrong plugin or the wrong host. For Schope the keyfile should be named 47225SCHP.key exactly.

  • The keyfile got edited accidentally. Make sure it’s exactly as it was when it was mailed to you.

  • (The curveball) The keyfile got corrupted by the keyfile generator, which is rare but does sometimes happen (especially if your name has any special characters in it). If you’ve checked the first three possibilities, please email me your keyfile at schwa at stillwellaudio dot com and I’ll check it out.


There are two Schopes in my VST folder, one is Schope.dll the other is Stereo Schope.dll The key doc name is correct. It has my name in the key. It still says unregistered. Schope is not in another folder on my c: drive.

Please advise

Please email me your keyfile (schwa at stillwellaudio dot com) and I’ll check it out.

Ok, I emailed it last night. Did you get it?


Ok Guys it works now. Guess that update did it? I have no idea but thanks for the help. Easy to use and it sounds GREAT!
lol That was a joke by the way…about it sounding good I mean.

Hey I bet I could start a thread on that huh?