Just Bought

Just bought “Schope” this morning and can’t get the key to work.
I am using Cubase 4.5.
I have place the Key file into the same VST folder as the dll

Am i doing something wrong? Can’t fing installation instuctions anywhere.

Any help would be great thanks

Make sure that when you saved the key file out of your email that it didn’t save it with a name ending in .txt. I’ve seen this happen a few times.


The file extension is *.key?

Any ideas?

Can I clarify - you’ve put the .key file into your VST folder, but Schope is still showing as ‘unregistered’? Is that the situation?

danjokill, if you have placed the keyfile (which is named 47225SCHP.key) in the same directory as Schope.dll and Schope still displays “unregistered”, please email me your keyfile (schwa at stillwellaudio dot com) so I can have a look and fix it if necessary.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sent email with attached key stuff