Can't register Schope

I’ve got a dual boot system,one is windows 7 32bit, the other windows 7 64bit, my daw is on the 32bit system with no internet access, anyway i downloaded the key and it shows as a registry file on the 64bit system but when i load the 32bit system it says key file, and windows don’t recognize it.I put the file in a folder with Schope and when i try it in Sonar 8.52, it’s still unregistered.


This is the worst product support i’ve ever known, and should be illegal.

I apologize! You posted a week ago and you also emailed, but I overlooked both. I am sorry to have kept you waiting.

The key file does need to be simply placed alongside Schope.dll. You should not attempt to run, double-click, or do anything else with the key file, just drag it into the folder alongside the plugin. Please make sure the key file is called exactly 47225SCHP.key, no other extension.

Also, sometimes email clients will change the extension of the keyfile, so if doing as described above does not work, I will email you (in a few hours, when I’m back at my desk) a zipped copy of the keyfile, which you can then unzip and place in the folder alongside the plugin.

The 32-bit vs 64-bit platform is a non-issue, the same key file will work on both systems.

Again, I am sorry for the radio silence.

Thanks very much for your reply, i was thinking i was never going to get this sorted.As far as i can see the file is correct and i’ve put it in the same folder as the plugin, should windows recognize this file cos one windows does(win 7 64bit partition), my daw windows don’t(win 7 32bit partition).
If you could e-mail the file that would be great, thanks Steve.

Thanks you already e-mailed.

Windows doesn’t really recognize this file on either 32-bit or 64-bit. One of them may think it’s a registry key file because of the extension “.key”, but it’s not a registry key file, it’s just a text file. The fact that Windows doesn’t recognize the keyfile, or thinks it recognizes the file, is of no consequence, because you won’t be opening or running the key file in any way, just copying it to your plugin folder.