No support for Schwa Plugs??

I have created a support ticket ten days ago and I haven’t got any kind of reply. I have sent you a message via your form on your site - still no reply.


I’ll double-check with schwa…I know he’s been heads-down on the REAPER 4.0 project, but he should still be able to get with you.


I just replied to your support request. I apologize for neglecting the request. The fault is entirely mine, please don’t hold it against Scott, who is very conscientious about replying to people promptly, and who reminded me about this support request several times.

Again, I’m sorry for the delay.

No problem. I know too well that things like this happens. Problem sorted out as well. Thanks!


i got the same problem. I purchased the Oligarc FX bundle 11 days ago but did not receive the license so far. I made 2 support tickets for this so far.


It seems the support ticket system is not checked that frequently.

The problem is solved, i just received the license file. Many thanks for this. :slight_smile:


I am notified by email every time a ticket comes in, and I always respond as quickly as possible. This past week I’ve been buried with work and was putting in over 80 hours and there just weren’t enough hours left in the day…things slipped a little…my apologies.