Whats the point of new supp. policy if users get no support?

I tried to reach anybody at [email protected] couple of times about a problem with Schope plugin to no avail. Nothing. Zilch.

So only available option to get ANY kind of attention is obviously either through this forum or Cockos one, since the plugin’s author does not read email, or it is not redirected to him by “support” staff.

Nice going. :-/

when did you email? do you have a ticket #?

I’ve searched my system for any tickets under the email address you’ve registered this forum account under, and I’m not finding anything.

That being said, I will have Schwa review the forum for SCHope issues.


also…if you emailed [email protected], you aren’t going to get anything at all, since the domain is stillwellaudio.com. I’m assuming that your forum message was the typo, though.


Sorry for the delay … it is a holiday week. I responded to your email. The delay is entirely my fault, there is no “support staff” here, except us.

Thank you, John. Keyfile works fine now. I should’ve guessed my surname could cause trouble, but I didn’t check relevant info until it happened. :unamused:

As for my tone - I might sound a bit edgy, but that’s probably because I am. Not plugin-related, though. :slight_smile:

I’m glad that my faith in Cockos/Stillwell remains firm.