Schope Support?

Hi guys,
Hopefully somebody will see this here. I have been trying for the past 10 days to activate the plug in logic 8 to no avail.
It is successfully validated in the AU manager but I get an error message:

Failed to load Audio Unit, please contact the manufacturer for an updated version or further assistance.

How can I get help with this?? I have never needed help installing a plug before. I have emailed every stillwell address I could find…the support on this site is hugely confusing and well…unresponsive. Maybe I’m not going through the right channels?

Any ideas??


Hi Jeremy – I’m sorry for the lack of response. Are you attempting to load Schope on a mono, or stereo track? I don’t think we have Logic 8 installed here any more, but I recall that Schope may have been incompatible with mono tracks.

This is being dealt with through the ticket system.


Just purchased today the Schope plug and I’m getting the same frustrating message from Logic 9.
“Can’t load…”. Any progress in this issue?

There is currently a private beta of SchOPE that should address the issue, yes. Trying to get all the new plugs pushed to public beta VERY soon.


Just curious… whatever happened with the public beta? I’m looking to buy a scope and am hoping to compare the latest SchOPE with Blue Cat’s offering. If there is a public beta, I’d definitely like to give it a shot.