New product support policy, effective February 18, 2014

For product support requests, please send email to support at stillwellaudio dot com. You will get a confirmation email back that contains a link to let you view your ticket and ticket history. There is no password required to log into the support system, you just need your email address and a valid ticket number on that address. You can create a login if you wish to - it’s a bit more convenient in the long run, but you aren’t required to if you don’t wish.

Additionally, you can always go directly to the help desk by going to and a ticket or view a ticket there. Using the helpdesk via the web interface allows you to attach files and interact a little more directly than email, but whichever you choose will get you there. You can also browse our knowledge base at that URL.

When submitting a ticket through the helpdesk website, you’ll be prompted to choose the platform and host of your plugin. If you file through email, please just include that information in your email so we can fill in the fields on the ticket when we respond to it.

We’re hoping that this will help make for a more consistent support experience for all, and will allow us to rely on something other than our sometimes-faulty memories to recall what’s happened and what’s left to be done.

If you have license-specific questions, you can also send email to licensing at stillwellaudio dot com and a similar ticket will be created.

We’re hoping that this will help everyone, so please help US by following this policy. It’s still perfectly fine to post here on the forums to ask if anyone else is having a particular issue, and we’ll be posting here, but we will ask that product support requests in the forums be followed up with the creation of a support ticket.


The Stillwell Audio crew.