I recently bought the shcope plug but but it can’t find my authorization code I had it in my clipboard ready to paste but closed out my session and now can’t find the file. How can I register. the file maybe still on my computer but can’t find it, what is the file called.

The download link is in your email, but the file should be called 47225SCHP.key


thanks I found the email and went to the link but it says 47225SCHP.key (Not Available)

File a support ticket as described here:

And include your original order number in the ticket. I’ll reset the download link so you can get the file. Please remember to create a ticket…don’t post that information here.


been a few days after creating a ‘ticket’ the key link still says not available

You figured out your problem…you hadn’t told me which order number yet. Resetting link now…


EDIT: Download link reset. Expires 1/11/11. Isn’t that cool? :slight_smile:

Yeah! thanks a lot.very cool plug.
Oh, is there a way with logic 9 to get more than 2 channels happening? and I bought the AU version will it work in Protools 9?

Whatever channels you want in 3/4 need to be routed to the sidechain input of Schope.

The AU version will not work in Pro Tools, but your license will also work with the VST version…which WILL work in Pro Tools IF you have the latest version of the FXpansion VST-to-RTAS wrapper. That’s the only way I know of to get any of our plugins into Pro Tools at the moment, as they do not support VST or AU.


ok thanks again.