Schope: How do I assign inputs to the 4 channels in PT9?

I am demo-ing Schope for Pro Tools 9 on a Mac. I have FX Wrapper and have been able to run Schope just fine during a Pro Tools session.

My question is: How do I assign inputs to the 4 channels? I couldn’t find how to route audio to the individual channels on the PDF manual or in the ReadMe.txt.

I’m assuming this is a limitation with Pro Tools, so I tried to download the stereo version of Schope on your website-- but it’s an *.exe file which I can’t open on a Mac.

Please advise!

Is this seriously the only tech / customer support for these products? I buy a lot of plugins and I’m excited to support Schwa/Stillwell as Schope looks very promising, but this isn’t very encouraging.

First: I will send another message to schwa asking him to respond. I know he’s buried at the moment working on REAPER 4.0.

Second: Did you read the stickied note on all the forums about how to submit a support ticket? We welcome conversation and discussion of problems here, but the formal support mechanism is to file a support ticket so we can track it.

For example, it’s at the top of THIS forum, right here…


Hi, thanks for checking out Schope.

I’m afraid I’m not highly familiar with how wrapped VSTs work in PT. The process for showing inputs 3+4 would be the same as the process for setting up a sidechain input for a compressor.

I don’t know if the FXpansion wrapper supports this, but if it does, I think the plugin would show a key input selector in the top left of the plugin header area . If that key input selector exists, you should be able to route a bus to it just as you would a compressor sidechain, then enable channels 3+4 in Schope by pressing the buttons under the numbers 3 and 4.

If the key input selector does not exist, I think that means the wrapper does not support sidechains, and Schope’s display will be limited to 2 channels when wrapped in Pro Tools.

The special stereo-only version of Schope is meant for hosts that won’t support a sidechainable plugin at all, not even loading it for stereo use.

Thanks for your response!

The VST wrapper doesn’t have a key input in Pro Tools. I really wanted Schope so I could use it for analyzing instrument relationships (such as kick and bass, phase relationships on multiple mic setups, etc) and it got great recommendations from Mike Senior at Sound On Sound!

Thanks again for your time.