License Transfer of Bombardier compressor not completed

I created a Support Ticket and paid the Transfer-Fee a week ago but have heard nothing from your Tech-Support regarding my Ticket. I got a few Auto-Emails when i first created the Ticket but nothing else. I wish to Complete the transfer process of my Bombardier License to the new owner and use the money i have made but can’t and am wondering if anything went wrong? How long does it normally take for your License Transfer process? Did you get my Ticket?

Sorry, slipped through the cracks. Processing now.


I’ll mention that we got the original ticket, but I don’t see any additional comments posted to that ticket from you…not sure what might have happened there if you did send any follow-up messages.


I did’nt add anymore info to the Ticket but the Ticket should contain all needed info to complete the Transfer. I did however go to the ‘Contact’ section of your website and sent a email regarding the Ticket but got no response.

Ah, yeah…I just had another incident with that…I think that the “Contact Us” form is broken…I need to either fix it or remove it. :frowning:

Your transfer has been processed, by the way…you should have received the details in an email on that ticket.


I did receive the email notifying me the Transfer was completed. Thanks Scott!