new to Mac & Olga - how to install & use Olga

Hi there,

prize for numb nuts question No1.

new to I Mac and Olga. I’m using garageband and have downloaded olga and put componant into suggested directory. But the question is how do I load olga ? i can’t see anywhere within Garageband to help open the interface ?

Help appreciated…


Hi, welcome! I’m on the road so can’t give you a step by step walk through just this moment, but if memory serves when you select a track you should have some sort of option for showing the track or instrument details in the lower right corner of the window – there’s some button somewhere that expands the lower right section to give you a set of dropdown lists for which instruments and effects you want to apply to the selected track. In the instruments list, below the stock Garageband piano etc, should be a section for Audio Unit instruments, and Olga should show up there.

If that’s too vague, I should be able to give you a more specific explanation in a few hours.