!!!New Soundbank!!! LikeTwilight: Cobwebs

A new soundbank for Olga: Cobwebs by LikeTwilight.


There is a sound demo for the soundbank here: liketwilight.co.uk/LikeTwilight-Cobwebs.mp3

Every sound was created using Olga’s Cobwebs - Including the drums!

I’ll be uploading some free sounds for Olga to offer here soon. Also check out the other content on the website: A free industrial drum kit (used by Ironhand) and two other free soundbanks for freely downloadable VSTi synths.

Vicious! I like it.



Thank you, Scott.

Have to say, I love this synth and will be using it in future productions also.

As promised…

Attached to this post are 8 free sample presets for the wonderful people at Stillwell Audio Forums.

The full soundbank, featuring over 70 presets, can be found here: liketwilight.co.uk/Olga.htm
LikeTwilightOLGACobwebsDEMO.zip (3.7 KB)