Hello, and here are 2 demos of some of the sounds contained in EVILBASS VOL.1
We have tried most all the big name vst synths and our proud to bring
you this elite set of sounds, made only for OLGA VSTI.



Excellent! Very well done sir - some great sounds and very much appreciated.

In normal life if someone stretches my graphics out of aspect like you’ve done, they wake up with a squashed horse’s head in their bed. But in this case I’ll happily let you off :smiley:

Cheers! Wt, yeah, couldnt have done it without you guys! Ive been making quite a few tracks with this soundbank, and the sounds really cut through and are full with energy, 165 bpm. These are perfect for D&b , minimal house, breakbeats, anything that will rock. the first real drum and bass sound expansion available for a synth.

YOU BASTARDS! you have just made my last 6 weeks of trying to get some decent bass patches going TOTALLY REDUNDANT! :mrgreen:

But a HUGE THANKS! WOW :astonished: these are some really really really awesome sounding patches that you have here.

Just made my investment in Olga worth a whole lot more (since she is the only VST that I have actually stumbled upon that is worth shelling out $$$)

Guys keep up the amazing work, she is a great synth and you have given her a whole spanking new wardrobe, gotta take her out sometime soon

Hey there - cool soundset - is it possible to get this soundset somewhere? I tried the link on the web but it just generates errors at Swreg.


you can locate this soundbank at www.djrapstar.com

these sounds are amazing in genres like drum and bass, and great with added fx like delay, reverb, use with an external hardware arp, load up multiple instances of it to get the most out of it.

Your website is still up and I bought 2 soundbanks but even after asking twice, you don’t deliver…

Hello, i apologize for the delay, it has been sent to paypal email address. Enjoy evil bass!!

I received a thank you-mail, but I can’t find a bank or presets?

No download link or files in the mail. Did I miss something?

Yesterday I got a new mail with a zip file. So everything is ok now, thanks!!