isn't delivering...


On july 8th I bought Olga and both banks offered by

But even after noticing twice with the payment info, I didn’t got any reaction form

Of course, I can’t (and I don’t) blame Stillwell/Schwa for this but at least you should know about this.

Can someone contact or maybe even delete their link on this page since they don’t give any service…


I’ve spoken with the owner and he evidently missed the inbound email for the sale. He’s sent you your order…hopefully you will receive it.

He’s a pretty good guy…this isn’t typical of him.

Sorry for your delay.


I received a thank you-mail, but I can’t find a bank or presets?

No download link or files in the mail. Did I miss something?

Argh…I’ll try to track him down again. :frowning:


Yesterday I got a new mail with a zipfile attached, so I downloaded the banks and they work fine now.

Thanks for your intervention, Scott, you’re a real gentleman!