new skin ?

hello !

i LOVE the rocket, bought it and been using it for years now

but honestly, i really dislike the skin. i’ve tried editing the ROCKETBG.PNG file but i suck at photoshop :slight_smile:

i think Waves nailed it with their CLA : it’s clear and efficient. no “alien” design

note that the VU is set to GAIN REDUCTION right from the start ! i ALWAYS click on it, that’s the first thing i do everytime.
then click on automatic gain adjustement…

people are VERY sensitive about the skin of a plugin, i think you owe it to yourself to update it. i’ve tried all your plugins, and all 1176 plugins on the market, Rocket is still the best, and i’m not the only one to think it. i work with it everyday, i would love such and update to happen

thanks !!

Beg to differ…

I really like the way The Rocket looks. No skin change necessary on my account. :wink:

I like current skin. GR should be set as default, agree. Waves is nice but for me Rocket sounds much creamy and overall better even with extreme settings than CLA76

I appreciate white ties artistic expression on these plugins, they look different from tryin to look like hardware.

The bombarder comp looks like the dash of a fine Mercedes CD player!

azdok : some people only like Stillwell and Schwa’s plugins because they have wonderful GUI designed by White Tie.
I think asking for a change of skin for The Rocket is like asking Mc Donalds to change their “M” logo :slight_smile:

Maybe you can just change in your host to get a “simple” slider GUI (it’s possible in Reaper for example)

I was looking for a compressor that has an opto behaviour in the release, and Stillwell’s The Rocket sounds easily the best for my purpose. I’ve played around with it a few hours, and I am still very slow using it. Same goes for the Bombardier. I have done rec/mix/mastering professionally for about a decade now, so I do know my way around compressors, but the GUIs are 100% un-intuitive. If the Generic UI mode in Reaper would show the metering, I would buy the plugin and only use that mode.

As “fredv” stated, some people like these plugins only because of the GUI. Is that really what Stillwell wanted when designing the plugins? The best thing on ReaComp for example is that it doesn’t disturb your senses and feelings. My senses and feelings and concentration has to be in the music/mix, and the plugin GUI has to be transparent enough not to disturb my workflow, both physical and mental.

  • I only found the Decadence button in the manual when checking what “Impetus” means.
  • Treshold, HPF, Compensation, and Parallel Comp only show their values in Generic UI.

I think the pseudo-hardware looking GUI designs are going out of fashion, and being replaced with practical and fast experiences. Saying that they were a fashion is not a compliment. Fashion is usually impractical, expensive, un-individualistic and momentary. The marvellous sound of Stillwell and Schwa plugins shouldn’t be clad in any of those.

In general, if you have to learn a (G)UI, it is a bad (G)UI. That goes for any software and hardware. User manual for a microwave oven? Come on!

Suggestion: Two GUImodes. One as is, and the other with generic sliders but with metering.

Lol! White Tie, as usual I love your skins. They’re always creative. They feel like outboard gear and yet they’re still fun and quirky. However i gotta say the contrast on the letters is pretty hard to read. Does that say impetuous, imposter, imply, OH it says impetus!

…still figuring out what impetus means but that’s another story.

+1 for proper metering… :unamused:

And my another alien skin for cooling down :mrgreen: . Blue color brings serotonin to higher levels.
Just place it in the resource folder. And worry about aliens, they are coming :laughing:

I using only this blue skin later… Somehow it bringing nice working ambient…And it reminds me on: Blue aliens