Is Sculpto inacurate?

HI, I’m still testing out the Demo of Sculpto and I like it so far, however it seems to me to be too inacurate and does not appear to display dynamics well, I may be wrong as I’m new to using it, I hope that there is some setting that I have overlooked, here’s the problem.

From the screen shot bellow you can see that Sculpto is recieving a signal that has a distinct peak that is hitting 0-db, this peak is looped and occurs regually enough to register on a normal peak meter, Sculpto doesn’t seem to be displaying this peak correctly, there is something in the region of 7db of signal that is not being shown by Sculpto, the exact parts of the signal that are most important - the peaks.

Are there some settings I’ve overlooked, or is this how Sculpto is meant to display audio? It looks like it’s capable of displaing small peaks like this, why are they not showing up, is it somehow out of sync? or maybe deleting a portion of the cycle of this wave’s display as it’s updating?

Moved thread, as this is a Schwa plugin, not Stillwell.


My appologies, as I said I am new to Sculpto.

Schwa can you shed any light on this? Am I using Scuplto incorectly, is there anything I can do that will allow Sculpto to show more of the wav’s dynamics? Perhaps increasing PPQ etc?


Well I re-cheked and I still get the same results, in this track there are three distinct loud sections this is shown clearly in the eddison Wave edditor pictured at the top of this screenshot, at this stage I’m more inclinded to trust my ears and I can tell for sure that these three sections of track are indeed louder, however Sculpture actually displays these sections as being quieter that the rest of the track.

Why is that?

Here’s the track.

Wow, that took me a while to figure out, but it was educational, so thanks for the post!

The source audio has severe phasing problems (which may even be intentional, given the harsh/electronica nature of the piece). Sculpto is displaying the summed mono signal.

Here’s a summed mono render, underneath the stereo original:

Here is zooming in to the sample level over a piece of the vocal:

And finally here is the stereo phase display from Schope, showing an image wider than it is high, meaning that more L/R samples are cancelling each other than summing:

Ahhh, Sorry I had no idea stereo phasing could be that bad!! OK so it would be best to use two instances of Sculpto (One for each channel) thats cool! I hope I havn’t offended you guys by being so critical, I’m terribly sorry about that. Shit a 7 db drop in volume because of phasing? thats crazy!! It makes sense now though, the edison wave edditor must be displaying one channel, damn.

Well it’s good to know that I can use Sculptor and now I know what to look out for regarding phasing.

Thanks Schwa, that was really cool of you man.

No worries. I would not recommend using one Sculpto per side though, any more than I would recommend using one compressor per side, because this will create yet more phasing problems.

The best thing to do would be to go back a few steps and correct (or not do in the first place) whatever caused the phase cancellation in the first place. Bad micing can cause this, or almost any effect applied separately to L and R, or mixing wet and dry signals inconsistently per side, or misusing crossfeed effects, or badly written stereo widening effects (Haas panners, etc).