schOPE question

I love the plugin!!! I do have one question though. When looking at the frequency analysis it shows a very hot bass representation of my audio compared to the IXL plugs and the Roger Nichols freebee and Windows media player of the CD I just burned. Maybe I haven’t learned all of the features of the plug yet but it seems to be reading freq from 130hZ down to 20hZ strongly. Is there some kind of safety buffer zone so that my mixes won’t contain too much rumble?

I think it may just be a difference of linear versus log scaling in the drawing…I’ll check with schwa.


Hi … I just now ran some random stuff through Schope, Voxengo SPAN, and Inspector and couldn’t really see this effect. It’s hard to compare, though, because they all work differently. Inspector uses a linear-DB scale, SPAN uses a linear-DB scale with a higher cutoff, and Schope uses a sqrt scale, and I don’t know what FFT size Inspector uses (the higher the FFT size, the better the frequency resolution, which matters most at the lowest frequencies).

If you have a particular test or audio snippet that illustrates the effect, I’d be glad to look further.

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The two samples you have there are almost what I noticed. I think the difference for me is going to be having to get familiar with how the plug displays the frequency content in my audio. It looks like your plug is just a little more detailed than the others I have used. Thanks for checking it out. I will play a little more with it and if it looks like I am still having problems then I will post a snapshot and maybe send you an audio snip it.
Thanks again

Schwa, is there a way to view the full 20hz-20khz range in the frequency mode - in logarithmic scale? When zoomed all the way out horizontally, it seems linear.


For instance, note the bass range between the two, 500hz and below. The info is all there, it’s just stretched/compressed quite differently.