Installed demo, but not showing up in PT 7.1 - XP user

I am using PT 7.1 - and successfully downloaded and installed the 1973. The .dll file is in the right directory. The plug-in does not show up in PT though. Help?

Hi - Are you using the VST version with a wrapper?

Yep, our plugins are either VST (PC or Mac OS X) or AU (Mac OS X only). Pro Tools only supports AS or RTAS host plugins. In order to use VST plugins with Pro Tools, you must use software like FXpansion’s VST-to-RTAS wrapper. Download an evaluation copy from FXpansion and see if it works for you. We have lots of users that use the wrapper with great success…a few mysteriously have problems, and we’re working with FXpansion to resolve the issue (whichever side of the fence it happens to be on…)



Thanks for the input guys! However, I couldn’t seem to find anything on Fxpansion’s website of an evaluation copy??

I coulda sworn there was, but I know you can’t really download diddly off their site without creating an account. Seriously, check with them if you’re into PT…it opens up a whole world of VST plugins way beyond what you can easily find in RTAS.