I'd love a SSL:ish bus comp from Stillwell!

I found the plugs a couple of days ago and it didn’t take many minutes fiddling around with them and I was sold!

I hadn’t invested in any plugs yet, just evaluated just about everything and tried all the free stuff to get a grip of quality price ratio.

And when I found the Stillwell plugs I knew this was it, perfect sound quality for the vintage minded like me and simple layouts that reminds us of hardware stuff (I don’t like the plugs, with thousand knobs, charts and diagrams, knobs and needle style VU meters the best and most user-friendly imo)

So I have been evaluating the whole range to realize that these are just about everything I need to get a go to high quality setup for my music style. Two superb EQ’s, two astonishing comps, a limiter and a transient designer! Perfect.

Except one thing that I’d wish to have, a SSL:ish stereo bus compressor that would be superb at glueing the mix together. It could be kind of a one trick pony dedicated only for the stereo bus! Sure I could buy Waves SSL for this but I really don’t feel shelling out the cash on Waves now that I’ve found Stillwell.

So this is kind of an wish and at the same time a question to Scott… is it something that could be remotely possible within a year or should I put the Waves SSL on my need to buy list? :wink:

Within a year (by that I mean the next 12 months…not necessarily by this December)…yeah, I’ll probably have a little something to bring you joy by then. :slight_smile:


Cool, so looking forward to that! :smiley:

please make a LA-2A !

not a big fan of that ssl bus comp … :slight_smile:
get the waves !

congrats to Stillwell, if you had the marketing power of UAD, you’d be killing them !

seriously i don’t see the point anymore in their card.
Stillwell + waves JJP = killer native plugins for half the price of their card !

+1 for LA-2A

Hi Scott. How’s this coming on?

Well, it’s still on the list and I’ve started bits and pieces of work on it, but there’s things ahead of it in queue.

Other than that, I can’t really comment on development progress or features, etc. It’ll be released when it gets released, and it’ll have the features that it will have. I’m not going to set expectations and then upset people because “life happened” and I couldn’t meet the expectation.

That being said…I AM listening to what people are saying and will definitely take those things into account.


just wanted to say i’m absolutely loving having Event Horizon on the mix buss. seriously top-shelf quality here (as with all Stillwell plugins). just wish there were a compressor equivalent that gave the same amount of glue to the mix without brickwalling/finalizing things. i’d love to be able to use it on a track while still being able to send it off to a mastering engineer. whether it sounds like an SSl, API, LA2A, Manley, etc is not really of concern to me - as long as it gels things together nicely.

however if there are bigger and better things on the go, i’m not going to complain one bit. :slight_smile: