What's next?

Wouldn’t you like to know?


Sorry, had to stop myself before I revealed too much.

:astonished: how much ?

Scott you know your highly regarded when your customers ask " how much" before knowing what it is!!! :laughing:
All I know is I’m buying it. :mrgreen:

new comp, bring it :slight_smile:
been using the rocket and major tom a lot since i bought them.
some people gave the picture to CSI to investigate further and here’s what they found :stuck_out_tongue:


I love The Rocket and Vibe Eq!!

The swirly text in the above image looks the same as The Rocket so I’m wondering if it’s an updated version of The Rocket??

When will this be available???

I’ll have my bank card ready!!!

Do you need some test driver?

Im on, :wink:

Al the best,


When is soon roughly? Q1, Q2 ??

weeks, not months. :slight_smile:


Great!! Looking forward to its release!!

will this replace the rocket or be a new product?

Nothing to do with The Rocket per se, its irreplaceable anyway :slight_smile:

:sunglasses: looking forward to whatever it is

I’m sure it will be called The Racket. Otherwise hopefully it will make some. :wink:

Toooooootally excited about this. Plz be a channel strip!

Oh this looks awesome! The Rocket is one of my favorite compressors but my ONLY wish would be lower ratios!

I hope this fills the other compression void I’ve been missing.

What´s happening Scott ?


'nuf said.