getting trial version horizon into nuendo vst

I downloaded the trial version of the limiter, and shows in dowloads on my macbook 10.4.1, but it won’t load into the plugins on Nuendo. I’ve double clicked on the icon in downloads window, and the vst icon,etc. I would most likely buy it if I could hear it was good. Nuendo’s has no make up gain.

Okay, when you download the plugins, you’re actually downloading a .dmg, or disk image file. Once you’ve downloaded the image, it should either auto-mount onto your desktop and then open, or you might have to double-click it to get it to open if your browser is set to not automatically open files.

Are you 100% sure that you’re downloading the Mac version and not the PC version? We have VST for both PC and for Mac.

If you do get the disk image window to open, then it tells you on the screen exactly what to do…drag the plugin icon onto where the arrow points. I’m not sure how we could have made it much simpler…if you have an idea, speak up.

One final note…10.4.1 is way out of date…you may run into problems once you do get it installed. Most 10.4 installations are running 10.4.11 now.