DAW seeing horizon ???

Hi Guys,downloaded Horizon & Transient Monster to try out in an older version of wavelab.It downloaded fine,unzipped fine but when starting up Wavelab,it says it has trouble controlling it & it won’t register.It won’t come up in Samplitude as well.The DLL is in the correct folder,I event mad a separate folder in wavelab for the plugin but have had no luck opening it.I want to test these plugins but can anyone help me just to get them to open in my program.I am running XP Pro on an older pc .Thanks for any help.Bluellew

How much older is ‘older’ please?

And what versions of Wavelab and Samplitude?


Hi Guys, I am using only Wavelab 5.0 & Samplitude 7.22 currently.My main mixing DAW is PARIS but I am to transfer files & see if it works withing this platform.I don’t do alot of studio work like I use to these days but still have a keen interest in software & the quality of the products.The computor I am using this testing on is an AMD900… dare I say it.Slow but still going.Is there something I am stupidly missing?Thanks for your help.Bluellew

If you actually have a computer with an Athlon processor and not an Athlon XP, you’re probably out of luck. My plugins use SSE accelerated math instructions, and those are only supported on the Athlon XP and higher AMD processors, and the Pentium 3 and higher Intel processors.

If I’m misunderstanding, then please tell me where I’ve gone wrong and I’ll try to help.


Here lies the problem.Thanks for your time Scott.I will be upgrading soon so I will probably wait until I upgrade to test your plugins.Looking forward to it though as I have heard good reports.Thanks again & will stay in touch with the forums to keep an eye on things.Bluellew