Event Horizion with full licence(Failed not safe sticker) AAX

Have full licence.
Each time I reopen session in Protools(on PC win10 and PT2019.12.0) the Event Horizon has the orange unafe… sticker in top right corner of plugin.
I need to toggle switch (clip/limit) to re-engage the event horizon plugin (this is really annoying to have to do each time especially when using the EH on multipule tracks in sizable sessions. Otherwise plugin works fine

How can I correct this and stop it from happening and working normally?

I do not have this problem in Reaper with the VST event horizon plugin where it works as intended.

Open a support ticket - there’s a bug fix I can send you.

Hi Scott. I am having the same issue as above (have had for a while). I opened a support ticket but not sure if it has been received. Would you please send me the bug fix as well? Thanks!

Got your ticket and replied with download link - you should find it resolves all known issues. Thanks!