CMX licence

I downloaded CMX, and it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for, nice product :slight_smile:

How long does the trial period last?

I plan on using it on 2 computers, which licence do I purchase?

Trial period is 30 days.

All of our products are licensed for use on two computers, so a single license will be fine.

If you’re using REAPER as your DAW AND are not making money from the use of it, you can use the REAPER-only, non-commercial use license. All other cases (using REAPER commercially or using any other host software) should buy a All-hosts, commercial use license.


Thanks Scott,

I am using Logic Pro9 on 2 computers and may try Ableton in the future (personal/non-commercial use)

I regularly do fresh installs of my entire OS to keep things running well, is there a need to de-activate the schwa software licence beforehand?

Our licenses are REALLY easy. There’s a key file for each plugin that you get via email when you buy one of our plugins. Make sure it’s in the same folder as the plugin. Done.

Keep a copy of your key file(s) burned to CD or on a thumb drive or somewhere off the computer…you’ll be fine. We don’t do intrusive copy protection. Just keep the file safe since it’s got your name and email address burned into it.


Thanks Scott