Can't Download The Key

I’ve purchased CMX (the full commercial version). In the email, when I click on the download link the File download window appears. But when I click on Save, I get the message in the picture below.


You’ll need to file a support incident with SWREG, since it’s their server that’s geeking out on you. You can open a new support message at:

Hope this helps…if they aren’t able to resolve it for you, let us know and I’ll open a support ticket from MY end. It’ll still wind up going back to SWREG, though…


edit: please ignore the following post. I was having a bad day :frowning:

Sorry to be a pain, but I tried the Swreg link and it seems to stick on the final page called SWREG customer mailbox login.

I really like your products and I’ve purchased quite a few. I’m not impressed with SWREG. The response categories smack of one of those telephone answering services where you only get a certain set of responses and you can’t get across what you want to say. Then you get stuck on a blind alley.

Sorry, I know this isn’t really your fault. I just remember when I had a brief problem with my Olga licence and Schwa quickly emailed me another licence which worked. It was good to feel that I was dealing with a person instead of a faceless (automated response) organisation.


I’ve sorted it out. Instead of trying the save the file, I opened it, copied the text into a text file, then named the file as described in the email from SWREG.
It now comes up as registered :slight_smile:.

I’m now feeling a bit of an idiot. :blush:

Apologies for whinging in my previous post. I was in a bad mood. My graphics card had just failed and I was posting using my old laptop. Got a new card today and I’ve calmed down.

CMX is an excellent VST.


Sorry for the hassle. I don’t like SWREG either. It’s a drag because there aren’t a lot of choices in the internet moneychanging business, most of the services that are offered end up being different front ends for the same company in the end.