can't get Major Tom to show in Cubase?

hi, i have been using Major Tom for a little while in Wavosaur and really like it. however, i can’t get Cubase to “see” the plugin?

it’s in the same folder as my other VSTs; on startup when it runs through the VSTs it appears on that list; and when I go to view information about all my plugins it’s there plain as day.

but when i actually go to select it as an insert / send / whatever, it just doesn’t appear on the list of available VSTs? it’s like it’s partially invisible?

i’m in Cubase LE, btw. anyway, i really like the effect, so if you could solve this i would be a very happy bunny! (and able to justify buying it…)



I’m sure Scott will have a well informed answer for you in due course, but meanwhile I find myself (a man ignorant of such things) wondering whether Cubase LE is willing to play ball with multiple input plugins - Major Tom has a side-chain input along with the stereo audio input. Can I suggest you try another plugin with a sidechain input (the big Oligarc for example) and see if you have the same problem?

hey White Tie,

just d/l Oligarc and that does show up - but it also appears on the list as 2 ins, 2 outs, whereas Major Tom is 4 in, 2 out. so if that is the issue Oligarc doesn’t prove or disprove anything.

on the plus side, i do now have Oligarc… :smiley: