Major Tom not recognized in brainspawn forte

My beloved live host Brainspawn Forte does not find Major Tom. I really would like to try how this comp works for rhodes, wurlitzer and clav.

(similar problem: 1973 EQ used to show up under the name “stillwell audio”, but since i put vibe eq in my vst folder it got replaced by vibe eq.)


That’s REALLY weird…there is no reason for the substitution thing to happen, they are separate DLL names and separate VST IDs, registered with Steinberg.

I’ll see what I can discover about forte compatibility.


Thanks! I am sure, Mike and Greg at Brainspawn will send you a copy for testing. Have a look at it, if you ever want to go live it’s the coolest thing.

Be sure to get the the aux plugins from

so that you can do all kinds of modular routings to busses, almost reaper style…