Bug: Rendered file sometimes -39dB.

I have an evaluation version of Bombardier in the master channel. When using the Render Queue in Reaper, some files (songs) might end up 39dB quiterer than supposed to. Bypassing Bombardier, everything is fine. Enabling Bombardier again, a few of the 12 songs are again peaking at -39dB. Sometimes some songs only start at -39dB but fade up to normal. The songs the bug appears in are random.

Is this related to the evaluation version? I am a bit hesitant to purchase a plugin with a random behaviour like this.

The project (without audio files) and a sample of a rendered file:

Hunting down the bug at Reaper Forums:

It certainly shouldn’t do that, no. There aren’t supposed to be ANY differences between the demo and licensed versions other than the nag screen.

I’ll check it out. Please be sure to file a support ticket so that we have a record of this in the place it’s supposed to be. See the stickied thread at the top of the forum.


Thanks Scott. Ticket filed.