demo:keeps defaulting to 'firm'

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Having bought the rocket a while back I was interested to see how this Bombardier would shape up. I have tried out the 64bit demo today in Cubase 5.1.1 64bit but everytime I saved the project the setting dial would always go back to ‘firm’ setting (from what it was otherwise set to). I am hoping this is just a thing with the demo. Any C5 64bit users out there?



I had similar gui issues with it in Cubase 5.1.1, but using the 32-bit version.

edited to explain better
The release mode setting was my culprit. When calling up an instance of the plug-in, you cannot switch the release mode off of manual time unless you use one of the presets. All presets switch the release mode to “Fast”, and from there I can switch to “Bomb.” When doing this it gets stuck on “Bomb” and cannot switch to any other mode. When I would go to export any tracks, it would immediately switch “Fast” and export with it on that mode instead.

I know Scott was trying to get a hold of Steinberg awhile back but I don’t know what became of it.

Scott, it’s an awesome Buss comp and here’s hoping you’ve had some additional feedback with it in Cubase 5.1.1, 32 and 64-bit. Any luck getting these issues to be replicated on your end or with other users? Thanks again.

Cubase 5.5 was just release for 32 and 64 bit yesterday. I just installed it today and will glady check out Bombardier to see if it’s alright, at least in the 32bit version. Calculus, have you had any luck on your end with it yet in 64bit? I’m hoping 5.5 fixes a lot of issues.

I’m still having the same gui issues in the new Cubase 5.5 32 bit version (see above post). I haven’t tried the 64bit flavor with Cubase 5.5 yet but I’ll update once I do.

I found the same issues with the 64-bit version of Bombardier in Cubase 5.5 64-bit as well that I had above. I didn’t encounter your gui issue, calculus, but something has to be up. I did notice again that if you click on a preset already assigned to “bomb” attack and release that it stays that way even when exporting. I hope some of this helps you out, Scott. I really want to purchase this and make this my main buss compressor as I love the sound and flexibility of it!

Cheers for replies.

Just been using Cubase5.5 last couple of days and tried out Bomb’ again but same problems (as expected). I am only using the 64bit version.


The mode graphic bug is still in there with latest version?

Any update on when it’ll be fixed Scott? :slight_smile: