Mode knob graphic bug

Does anyone else experience problem with the Mode knob?.

For most part its fine, its just when I import an .fxp preset to load in settings I’d saved previously, that the mode knob doesn’t always put itself on the correct mode it was saved as (or the graphics for the knob get kind of chopped in half, I have to nudge the knob a bit then it snaps back correctly).

Updated version (no version number change, still 2.00.01) that corrects knob redraw issue…at least it does here.


Hi Scott,

This does fix the issue where only half the knob is redrawn, however its shown position is still wrong half the time, loading same preset over and over and it’ll jump to different mode positions. It seems to be playing the right mode (ie what you hear IS the correct mode saved with the preset), just that the actual position of the graphic knob itself doesn’t always correspond to it)

Not happening here in 10 minutes of testing, so I’ll at least have to dispute the “half the time”…I’ll keep looking though.


ok, example. I created a preset which usese the ‘Pump’ Mode. If Bombardier is already on pump mode, it loads fine and displays fine.

If I move the position of mode knob all way round to Flat, load same preset, it visually shifts one position to ‘Lift’ (its still playing Pump, but displaying Lift)

If I then load the same preset again, it visually shifts 1 place to Firm, load again shifts to Heft, and finally to Pump.

This is specifically with important a single preset .fxp file, tested in Wavelab and Cubase.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

edit even more strange. If I use Cubases internal load/save preset system. If I try to save a preset that uses pump, soon as its saved its position shifts to ‘Firm’ and every time you load it it stays on firm. Something very odd going on.

Okay, I think I may have found it. Let me do some more testing to make sure I’m not causing more problems than I solve, and I’ll have an update soon.